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The famous trio

Our sheep'milk cheese : Manchebello.

Our blue : Rébellion 1837

and our famous Tête à Papineau.


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Tête à Papineau

Artisan cheese made of pasteurized cow’s milk. Semi-firm, ripened from 35 days to two months.

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This artisan cheese has a firm texture and is made with pasteurized sheep’s milk that is ripened from 2 to 6 months

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Rébellion 1837


Artisan creamy veined Blue cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk. Ripened between 2 to 3 months.

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Fresh Cheese

Our cheesemaker produces an excellent fresh cheddar. We offer cheese curds every day, at room temperature. For meals and lunchs, we offer fresh cheddar in block.

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